some poop (and a bit about my friends at Lost Type)

It's a big day for my friends at Lost Type! This morning they launched a smart new home for over 50 fonts, with helpful functions like scalable commercial licensing and the slickest type tester (custom built for Lost Type by Kenneth Ormandy).

I'm also really excited about the release of Dude Hank ProDan Gneiding's newest addition to his 12-serifed Dude. Featuring three weights, Hank Pro also includes 14 supreme manicules drawn by Cade Cran and a set of over 30 catchwords designed by many friends of Lost Type. Dan worked with Moore Wood Type to turn a few of the catchwords into real wood type blocks, the resulting letterpress print is a free gift with each commercial license donation.

photos by Rob Cusick

I contributed the words poop and per to the project, and Dan recently informed me I'd be receiving my poop woodblock soon. (Probably not the first time Dan has mailed someone poop)

Now three years old, Lost Type has elevated the quality of accessible fonts available on the internet. It's really wonderful to see the projects the Lost Type friends have tackled together (check out the lengthy list of contributors!). I'm super proud of Riley Cran, his wrangling and hustling and genuine good nature have inspired quality collaborations and challenged the traditional model of font distribution.

Excited to see where the next three years take us!