on sketchbooks!

I've long been a fan of Lisa Congdon and her blog. She shares her process and experiences generously and honestly. This last week she wrote a bit about keeping sketchbooks and how the practice benefits users rather than consumers. She invited people to share their sketchbook uses with her, which reminded me to post a few photos here.

I use these magical Muji notebooks, they have the softest dot-grid, a spine that lays flat, and enough pages that I never feel like I'm wasting space.

As a letterer, I use sketchbooks for exploring new styles, relief from client work, and documenting time. It's a multi-purpose way to track ideas, phrases overheard, and peaceful moments. The discipline of keeping a sketchbook is one of the biggest ways I keep the 'passion/for fun' part of my work alive. I love taking them on trips with me, especially when I'm traveling by myself and can sit in a park or library for a while.