paint some clogs!

Last spring I found a pair of plain wooden clogs at the thrift store around the corner from my house. I was so excited to give them to my older sister Caroline -- she's always loved the absurd and the ornate, and I vaguely remembered her wishing for her own Dutch clogs. I did a terrible job keeping the gift a secret. In the end, it took me nearly 8 months to actually get the clogs on her feet. I started painting the tiny flowers on a hot afternoon in August while Julie and I watched the Katy Perry documentary (so moving), and I finally wrapped them up when I was home for Christmas. My friend Brennan shot the middle photos in progress, and I took a few mediocre iPhone pictures when I finished.

Ever delightful, Caroline was more than willing to show off her new shoes in the video I've included below. It's worth mentioning that Caroline enjoys all kinds of dancing, including (but not limited to): salsa, polka, the Charleston, and back porch ballet.