overheard on #fieldtripNY

I spent last week in Brooklyn with some seriously wonderful folks. The phrase "Field Trip" is actually pretty accurate: we spent the bulk of our time drawing letters, working on projects for Lost Type, visiting a few museums, meeting new friends, and taking photos of crazy letters we found out walking around. Sounds dreamy, right? It was an incredible way to explore New York City. To get a better idea of our adventures, I'd encourage you to read our blog posts here and feast on some typographic beauty (and silliness) here.

I funneled the bulk of that inspiration into lettering some of the absurd things that were said during our 7 days together, below are a few of the ones I brought back in my sketchbook (there were countless more on the giant roll of paper we left out at the loft). Please excuse some of the language, sloppy/speedy lettering, and inside jokes.


Many thanks to Dropbox for making the trip possible, and all of the hugs to the Lost Type community. Seriously, world's greatest.

And check out the portfolios of my once internet, now real life friends:

Riley CranCade CranMauricio CremerDan GneidingJim LeszczysnkiTim BoelaarsMatthew TapiaDan EdenAlice Lee