Pattern Postcard Party Packs!!

Introducing a new little project from my heart/studio to your mailbox: a seasonal delivery of four pattern postcards!

Pattern Postcard Party Pack!!
from 12.00

A party pack of four seasonally appropriate postcards in a nice little envelope. Share them! Hoard them! I can’t tell you what to do!

Includes four different 5” x 7” postcards in a vellum envelope. Order a single pack, or save a couple dollars and surprise yourself with a fresh pack every quarter.

This inaugural summer 2018 collection is printed in Philadelphia by Risolve Studio in neon coral and turquoise inks on French’s Banana Peel card stock, best viewed in person for sure!

Questions about subscriptions? Leave a note and we’ll figure it out!

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favorite books of 2017!

I spent a lot of 2017 with my nose in a book (nerd emoji), so I decided to make these tiny tributes to the titles I loved the most this year. Over Christmas, my sister and I were talking about why we read, and for me reading is the most magical ground for growing empathy. Ending the year so grateful for the ideas and perspectives of others (and also my library card).

In no particular order:

12 Days of Coloring!

If you thought I'd deprive myself the opportunity to draw 23 different Christmas birds (and you the chance to color them), you've never been more wrong!

Wishing you and yours a cozy afternoon of holiday coloring, you can download a free PDF for printing in my shop and below. I also included a larger, poster-sized file in the event your cousin works at Kinko's and you wanna color one big boy all together. 

Last year's coloring sheet is still available here

  friendly reminder that this download is for personal use only :)

friendly reminder that this download is for personal use only :)

pizza party

What began as a "three month adventure" has extended to a full blown life in New York. I'm so grateful for every tiny thing that fell into place and made the last year possible. Wild ride y'all!

Arash for CA Collective

Recently I was invited to contribute a portrait to a storytelling project by UK-based Christian Aid Collective. I made this drawing of Arash, an Afghan refugee who's chosen to remain in Greece to translate for others. You can read his story and others at

cuyana is my valentine!

Dropped off 100 handmade valentines at Cuyana's Nolita pop-up for their participation in the Love Elizabeth Street event. It runs Friday to Sunday at 266 Elizabeth Street, swing by if you're in the neighborhood!