You've Totally Got This!

You've Totally Got This!

published March 26, 2019

available for purchase

What an actual dream come true to make a book! I worked through the summer of 2018 on a book for Gibbs Smith featuring 54 inspirational quotes from wise smart people, a whole bunch of original lettering and illustration. This project allowed for so much exploration, discovery, and play, and the impact of taking this time is continuing to weasel its way into all my work. Below are a selection of my favorite spreads, but do yourself a favor and take in the experience in person: copies are readily available and ideal for gifting. 

Part of promoting this book has included mailing customized bookplates to pre-orders, and it’s been incredible to talk to people about who they’re buying this book for — what that loved one is experiencing and facing, and the hope they have for their persistence. Creating art in this capacity is an honor, and I’m so thankful to share this work with you!