I think we can all agree that third-person bios are kind of awkward.

I'm originally from Wichita, Kansas and I get excited about lots of things: learning, letters, making things with my hands, helping good people figure out how to grow their ideas, and fancy cheese.

Since graduating from Columbia College Chicago, I've worked with a variety of studios and firms on a range of projects. I've enjoyed the opportunity to learn from both talented creatives and passionate clients; these collaborations have been genuinely fun and mutually beneficial. I currently spend my days with the bright folks at Leo Burnett's Dept. of Design.

If you'd like to chat about America's heartland, new projects, or share homemade ice cream recipes, please get in touch at francesmacleod(at)gmail.com

photo Meg Anderson

friendliest folks

In the city of Chicago, I've found myself in the company of quite a few talented and creative people who happen to be really excellent humans. 
I've worked alongside lovely crews at Grip, LetterformGhost Lab, and Workshop. If you're looking for videographers, photographers (all sorts), copywriters, strategists, event planners, installation artists, interior designers, web designers, graphic designers, floral designers, illustrators, or just best friends, I'd love to put you in touch with some of these delightful people.